Vision2.pubA truly great wedding is more than a successful event or mark of an important milestone; it’s a work of art.  Wedding celebrations have become increasingly personalized and while couples continue to honor tradition, they’re also finding innumerable new ways to express their voices and showcase their personalities.

The creative journey is not unlike commissioning a work of art and planning a large-scale reception and exhibition in order to share it with all the most important people in your lives.  In order to accomplish this feat, and do it well, you’ll need to assemble your collaborators thoughtfully and carefully.  Involving an event planner and consultant to help you navigate the decision making process will give you a leg up on making smart choices that will lead to personalized and polished results.

So, why Emily Elizabeth Events?

I don’t use a formula for planning events.  Depending on your personality, interests, family dynamics, etc., your wedding will have its own unique style and flavor.  I plan every wedding and event as if it were my own, which means that I consider every decision to be just as important as you do.

I believe a wedding should be both personalized and timeless.  I try to achieve the right balance between classic and unexpected in all the events I produce.

I’m a big believer in the age-old motto “work hard, play hard”.  Weddings are a labor of love; they require an inordinate amount of time and energy.  Luckily, this culminates in a beautiful celebration and display of some of the best things in life.  The hard work pays off and in the end, it’s all worth it.