Full Service: Planning and Design

Let EEE help you navigate the planning and decision making process (it can be a beast) from the very beginning in order to create what looks and feels like an effortless event.  You’ll benefit from my support and expertise every step of the way, making your wedding planning endeavor significantly more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Project management:  First I’ll help you build your team of collaborators, then lead them in constructing what just may be the largest scale event you host in your life.  The result will be a strong foundation on which we’ll build all the lovely little details.
  • The happy factor:  We’ll take care of all the behind the scenes work required so that you’re able to enjoy all the fun and exciting parts of planning a wedding and steer clear of any nightmare situations. Your betrothed won’t be the only cause of that bridal glow.
  • Peace of mind:  With so many moving pieces, even the best-laid plans can suffer some hiccups.  But with EEE on site to deal with the snags, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of (while you’re busy sipping champagne no less).
  • Flawless results:  It’s no coincidence that the majority of weddings published in magazines and blogs had an event planner on board.  By involving me on every front, all the pieces will come together to make your day picture-perfect and feature-worthy.