Partial Planning and Coordination; $600 – $1,250

Let EEE help you navigate the logistics and decision making process (it can be a beast) from the very beginning in order to create what looks and feels like an effortless event.  By investing in pre-planning, you’re ensuring that when the big day finally arrives, your time will be spent celebrating stress-free.

  • Project management:  First I’ll help you build your team of collaborators, then lead them in constructing what just may be the largest scale event you plan in your life.  The result will be a strong foundation on which to build all the lovely little details.
  • Expert guidance: If you’re overwhelmed by your to do list, you might end up focusing on the wrong things while the important stuff falls through the cracks.  I’ll steer you in the right direction, keep you on task, and troubleshoot potential problems before they rear their ugly head.
  • Perspective:  Sometimes when you’re too close to something, you lose perspective.  Being bombarded by the suggestions of well-meaning family and friends doesn’t help.  I can offer an unbiased and professional opinion on every subject, keeping you sane and the details moving forward.
  • Master plan:  Together we’ll outline all the nitty-gritty of what happens when, how, and by whom.  When the big weekend finally arrives, this timeline will serve as the blueprints for the set-up and execution.